2009 Riesling

Gauging the Future for Germany’s 2009s

Gauging the Future for Germany’s 2009s

Post by Chuck Hayward | January 26th, 2011

2010 proved to be a milestone year for German wines at JJ Buckley. Sales were very strong—our best year ever—as consumers took advantage of our many incredible offerings. We plan to pay more attention to this segment of the market in 2011 in an effort to expand our selection while keeping an eye out for great pricing, of course.

A Tub Full of Pfalz

With that resolution in mind, a small contingent of the JJ Buckley staff took advantage of the opportunity to sample some of the 2009s coming out of Germany.  A tasting of this acclaimed vintage was presented by Terry Theise, one of the America’s most vigorous advocates of German wines. Not only do his tastings offer the trade a great chance to assess the vintage but also the opportunity to get some firsthand information from winemakers in attendance.  (more…)