Welcome Home

Welcome Home!

Post by Chuck Hayward | September 1st, 2010

Over the past 15 years, I have probably visited Australia 25 times. The purpose of almost every trip has been to visit wineries or attend wine conferences or tastings. As things happen in the wine business, you get to know a few people over the years. Nowadays, visiting Australia is becoming less about the business of the wine industry and more about catching up with friends.

The wine business is very special due to its convivial nature. It provides folks with a unique window into a country’s culture. You learn about the politics and history. You essentially have your own tourist guide as the locals tell you where to find the best coffee or croissants. I can’t count the times where I have been invited to homes, some mornings eating eggs I gathered from the chicken coop after a brisk morning walk. So when planning my first day back to Oz, I thought nothing would be better than organizing a dinner with friends in the business and getting sucked into some good food and trying some new wines.


the infamous Ying Chow


And in Adelaide, the only place to have this feast is Ying Chow. More incredible wines from Australia, I dare say from anywhere in the world, have probably been poured at the tables of this venerable Chinese restaurant than at any other restaurant in the country. Located near the city’s produce market, it has seen numerous lunches and dinners hosted by winemakers, wine writers or average folks taking advantage of the restaurant’s BYOB/no corkage policy.  (more…)

Chuck Is Off to Oz!

My Upcoming Journey to Australia

Post by Chuck Hayward | August 26th, 2010

Just like JJ Buckley’s recent trip to Bordeaux, my upcoming journey to Australia is to gather more information about the wines there. Nothing beats traveling and talking firsthand with winemakers, sommeliers, and writers to learn more about the many facets of a country’s wine business. Previous trips have been instrumental in boosting my understanding of Australia’s wine regions and the industry’s history, along with discerning future trends. As a bonus, it’s also pretty fun.



Trips to a wine region often have contextual issues which frame a visit. Many visits are educational in scope (i.e. to learn more about soils or winemaking), and for the most part, information travels both directions. In many cases, meeting winery owners or government officials leads to conversations about wine trends in America and/or ideas about improving business. Given the current state of Australian wines in today’s American market, I imagine there will be a lot of talking and listening on this visit.

So, what is happening with Australian wine today and what can I expect to find? (more…)

Chuck’s Down Under Discoveries

Coming soon to the blogosphere: News & New Arrivals From Down Under by Chuck Hayward.

“Welcome to my new blog!! I’m looking forward to writing about one of may favorite subjects, the wines of Australia and New Zealand (with a little bit of south Africa added to the mix). These countries are producing some of the most exciting wines today, made by passionate winemakers and grapegrowers working in some of the most beautiful places in the world. I hope you’ll sign up to receive updates as they are posted and I look forward to reading your comments. Thanks for checking in!” – Chuck