Vinitaly: Postcards From the Edge

Vinitaly: Postcards From the Edge

Post by Chuck Hayward | May 19th, 2011

Let the madness begin...

Following our adventures at en primeur week in Bordeaux (and prior to that a week in Burgundy), some of us decided we needed to taste more wine. So we donned our helmets and made our to Verona to attend the annual wine fair known as Vinitaly, a trade event that has taken on legendary proportions. Held each April for over 45 years, it plays host to thousands of wineries from all across Italy, along with a few international estates. The main purpose is to connect wineries with distributors and importers, but the public is welcome on selected days. Attracting visitors from across the globe (this year saw 156,000), Vinitaly is of such massive proportions that it is triple the size of Vinexpo, probably the most well known trade fair held every other year in Bordeaux.

A lot of wine

I had heard about Vinitaly for years and always wanted to attend, despite industry colleagues complaining about the crushing number of people. While the stories about the sheer size of the event were enough to interest me, it also seemed like a great chance to taste a lot—and I mean a lot—of Italian wine. But as is often the case, none of the stories could hold a candle to the reality. It was everything I had heard about—and more! (more…)