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Closing It Down At Lascombes (Again!)

Closing It Down At Lascombes (Again!)

Post by John Perry | April 5th, 2011

Every year that I’ve been to Bordeaux, the weather has been completely unpredictable and variable.  Not this year though—seems we brought

Lascombes vintages 1881 & 1892

California with us!  With warm, clear days, and cool,comfortable evenings, I couldn’t have asked for a better scene for our visit to Chateau Lascombes. We started out with a tour of the property, and as dry as technical details can be, it’s essential to understand how the rebirth of Lascombes has taken place over recent vintages.

Under its previous ownership by brewing company Bass Charrington, this 2nd Growth was considered by most to be an unqualified underachiever. Although some improvements were made, particularly towards the end of this era, the wines were pretty forgettable and certainly unheralded. Revitalization came in 2001 when Lascombes was purchased by Capital Colony and Yves Vatelot, who hired the super-talented team of Dr. Alain Reynaud and Michel Rolland to oversee the turnaround. Various improvements were made, including the construction of a gravity-fed winery, use of optical scanners on the sorting table, a new, innovative racking system for wines resting in barrel, and the replanting of (more…)

Bordeaux 2010: You’ve Got Questions, We’ll Get Answers!

Join Us For Bordeaux En Primeurs!

You’ve got Questions…We’ll get Answers.

Each year, our team of wine specialists spends a week in Bordeaux at En Primeurs, meeting with winemakers, Chateau owners and negociants on both banks. We taste literally hundreds of wines during the course of the week, make our tasting notes, and choose what we’ll offer on futures that year.

Our Bordeaux customers have always enjoyed our coverage of the events and our perspective and buying recommendations for the vintage at hand. But this year, in addition to our usual blog and Twitter posts, Facebook updates, and annual Bordeaux Vintage Report, we’ve decided to do something a little bit different…

Video journalist, blogger, and winemaker Hardy Wallace (yeah !!!) will be embedded with our team, capturing all the action on location at the UGC events and posting updates to our social media channels.

But the fun doesn’t doesn’t end there! This year, we want you to be a part of our adventure. Ask us anything you’d like to know about the 2010 Bordeaux vintage, or any other Bordeaux-related question for that matter. We’ll film the response on location and post it back to you here!

Maybe you’d like to ask Jean-Guillaume Prats a question about his 2010 Cos d’Estournel, or Alfred Tesseron a question about his Pontet-Canet. Or perhaps you’d like to know more about exciting Bordeaux up-and-comers—ask Jeffrey Davies, one of our top negociant suppliers who always has his finger on the pulse of Bordeaux.

Scroll down for our week-long schedule of activities, then post those burning questions to the comments area below. We can’t promise we’ll be able to answer each and every question, but we’ll do our best. (more…)