Pomerol 2010 vintage

Bank Shot: Kickin’ It To The Right

Bank Shot: Kickin’ It To The Right

Post by Chuck Hayward | April 13th, 2011

Following our adventures in the Medoc, the JJ Buckley team crossed the river for a crash course in the 2010 vintage from the perspective of the Right Bank, home to the famed appellations of Pomerol and St. Emilion and the ever-trendy (ahem) merlot grape. The last two vintages here have demonstrated a unique (and controversial for some) interpretation of their respective terroirs.

JJB Sale Team Up Close and Personal with Christian Moueix

JJB Sales Team Up Close and Personal with Christian Moueix (r)

First, it might bear noting that the Right Bank experience is an all-together different ball of wax to its Medoc counterpart. On the Left, the new vintages are generally poured and presented quietly, with a handful of winery personnel there for observation and information, much like docents in a museum. When the rare opportunity to speak with a chateau owner or executive presents itself, it is in hushed and reverential tones. On the other side of the Gironde, the wineries are smaller, the tastings more intimate, and conversation flows—frequently one-on-one with the proprietor or winemaker. (more…)