The Roots & Shoots of Johannisberg Riesling

The Roots & Shoots of Johannisberg Riesling

Post by David Derby| April 22nd, 2011

Riesling comes in many forms with just as many names. White riesling, grey riesling and the famous Johannisberg version. The last originates from the highly regarded Schloss Johannisberg in the very heart of the Rheingau region.

Schloss Johannisberg through the vines

The Rheingau is the section of the Rhein river where it shifts from a south-to-north flow and begins an east-to-west flow. This puts the hillside vineyards facing south, blocking the cold winds and exposing the grapes to reflecting sunlight many hours each day. Located on the 50th parallel, there are many more  hours of summer sunlight than other regions of the globe. This allows an extended slow ripening to fully bring out the natural flavors of the Riesling grape.

Since 1720 Schloss Johannisberg has been planted exclusively to the noble Riesling. Sitting high on top the ridge overlooking the Rhine, for many Schloss Johannisberg  is German riesling and this iconic estate maintains the legacy: (more…)