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The Fizz Biz

Post by Chuck Hayward | September 28th, 2010

The Institute of the Masters of Wine is a London based organization devoted to the education of the wine trade which culminates in the famous Master of Wine exam, a rigorous four day series of tastings and essays. Equivalent in study to a Ph.D., there are currently 289 members who have completed the study program and are involved in the wine trade in occupations as varied as journalists to grape growers.

MW Tim Hanni digs deep to pour some more Champagne.

The average consumer will probably not have too much direct contact with an MW; that is something that usually occurs with members of the trade. Once a year, however, The Institute hosts a tasting where both consumers and the trade mingle with local MWs to raise funds for their scholarship program.

To do so, they assemble a formidable amount of top-shelf champagne and limit attendance to a few hundred. (more…)