Sirens and Sundials Led This JJB Buyer to JJ Prum

Sirens & Sundials Led This JJB Buyer to JJ Prum

Post by David Derby| April 26th, 2011

The Rheingau is the most prestigious of German wine areas, thanks to the backing of the church to push their cause. But for both the wine lover and the casual tourist, the Mosel sounds the Siren’s call, enticing with breathtaking natural beauty and charming little villages, all washed down with the most delightful local wines.

The Mosel singing its song

From south to north, the Mosel flows from the ancient city of Trier (over 2000 years old) to the confluence with the Rhein at Koblenz. On an extremely twisty route, it can be rather disorienting. Which way is east, which is west, and why is there yet another bend in the river?? One trick I learned is that the more vineyards planted on a hillside, that hillside is likely facing south or southwest. Meanwhile, the northern section of the Mosel is lined with castles on both sides of the river, as taxes and tolls were charged to travel the river in times of yore. (more…)