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Where to Wine & Dine: Paris

Where to Wine & Dine: Paris

Post by Chuck Hayward | September 13th, 2011

While it may not be filled with glamor and celebrities as some people imagine, the wine industry is great for finding the best recommendations on all things gustatory: must-eat restaurants, the perfect espresso or that funky wine bar. Tips from winemakers or sales representatives make it seem as if I have my very own concierge when traveling.

Instead of keeping those recommendations to myself, I find it best to share. So when asked for suggestions in Paris, Sydney or Barcelona, I would have to sort through assorted matchbooks and business cards to compile a list. Over and over. Therefore, I decided it was time to come up with a permanent list that I could keep on hand and share with everyone who asks, as well as our blog readers. Bon voyage!

 The Wine Bars of Paris

Empty glasses and plates at Le Baron Rouge

Empty glasses and plates at Le Baron Rouge

Along with bistros, baguettes, the Seine and the Eiffel Tower, Paris also brings wine to mind.  While thoughts of old Bordeaux or Champagne in ice buckets occupy your thoughts on the flight over, the reality can fall short. Wine lists in many cafes only offer an appellation and a price without mention of a vintage or even a producer. Instead of the classics, today one comes face to face with the city’s recent fascination with obscure reds and sparkling wines from the Loire. Not that it’s a bad thing! (more…)